Travel Agents

The Nezasa Difference

Are you looking for an easier way to create tailor-made packages for your clients? With Nezasa, you can plan and book tailor-made packages easier and faster than ever before. On top of that, you get new ways of interacting with your clients, combining the best of the offline and online world.

Solutions for Travel Agencies

What type of agency are you? Do you sell offline, online, or maybe on both channels? Choose the solution that best fits your sales process.

You’re selling vis-a-vis your customer

Want to get easy online access to content offered by a wide range of destination experts around the world? Then Nezasa is the tool for you! You can view entire product offerings for your customer’s desired destinations. Within seconds you can select and adjust great pre-configured travel suggestions from our destination experts and create the perfect trip for your customer! You can also make real-time changes to the total package price in order to easily stay within your customer’s budget. We guarantee that you’ll see an increase in customer loyalty!

What You Get:

  • Marketplace with products from handpicked, high-quality DMCs
  • State-of-the-art itinerary planner, free of charge
  • Automatic generation of travel documents (with your logo)

Best For:

  • Travel agents who want fast access to a worldwide range of travel content
  • Travel agents who want to save time and money but improve staff satisfaction
  • Travel agents who want to build loyal and returning customers
  • Travel agents who want to try Nezasa freely and without technical integration effort – just sign up with Nezasa!

You want to start the process offline

Do you want clients to come to your office first, but would like them to be able to access their plans online afterwards? That’s what our hybrid “on & offline” solution is all about. After the initial meeting, you can give your clients a link to their online itinerary so that they can easily continue to plan and/or book at home. You still earn the commission!

1) The clients visit your office.
2) You advise them offline.
3) You send the itinerary link via email.
4) Clients continue online from home.

What You Get:

  • All the features of the “offline only” solution
  • The integrated itinerary planner on your website (with your own branding)
  • Personalized emails with your branding containing the itinerary links for your customers
  • Online booking and payment for your customers (optional)

Best For:

  • Agencies looking for a offline-to-online sales process
  • Agencies who want direct customer contact, but interact on both channels

You want a full-fledged online solution

Already have an existing online business and reach within the FIT customer segment? Then Nezasa will enable you to make even more conversions! You can inspire your customers by presenting high-class premium content such as round-trips, group trips and more. Your customers will also be able to easily create their perfect trip by adjusting the pre-configured itinerary suggestions. With Nezasa’s online solution, you can improve conversion, customer experience and satisfaction, winning new and loyal customers!

What You Get:

  • Our full booking solution with your brand under your domain
  • Our full white-labeled booking solution under your domain
  • Simple plug-and-play integration into your website
  • State-of-the-Art-booking engine for individual travel content
  • Ongoing usability & performance upgrades
  • Ongoing access to new products which you can select freshly from our marketplace

Best For:

  • OTAs creating inspiring travel plans – and not just the mass products
  • OTAs who want to allow customers a “self-service” planning and booking tool on their website
  • OTAs who want to benefit from higher efficiencies in internal processes. Much less manual work per FIT trip sold!
  • OTA who want to give their customer service tools to easily up- and cross-sell and generate higher revenues per booking.

Your Benefits

Access to High-Quality Content

Get direct access to content from handpicked, high-quality Inbound Tour Operators (DMCs). On the Nezasa marketplace, you'll find content from destination experts around the globe at great rates. Our acquisition team searches daily for new destination champions.

Powerful Itinerary Customization Tools

Easily tailor a complex itinerary with our interactive itinerary planner: choose one of the itineraries suggested by destination experts and personalize it by changing the duration of stays, choosing different hotels and activities, and adjusting transfer options.

Online Itinerary Viewer for Your Website

Did you know? Creating personalized FIT travel itineraries costs travel agents an average of 3 to 4 hours. Increase efficiency by creating itineraries significantly faster with Nezasa! This will not just save you time and money; your staff will thank you!