Our Story

Nezasa was born in 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland by a team of enthusiastic travelers (with some solid IT skills!). A promise was made between them to developing a technology that would shed the limitations of traditional travel by creating a tool that makes travel experiences more attractive, flexible and convenient. The company started by selling travel packages to end-customers and built a global network of partnerships while optimizing the underlying technology.

Soon, the young entrepreneurs started hearing that the existing travel distribution companies such as tour operators and travel agents are waiting for such a technology. In 2014, they therefore decided to focus on the technology part and provide their game-changing technology to the travel industry in order to supports its digitalization.

Our Name

Nezasa is a sub-species of Bamboo, a segmented grass that once fully grown is one of the strongest and most flexible materials on earth.

The name Nezasa was chosen as it represents our core offering; components pulled together into strong cohesive products. In addition, bamboo evokes images of exotic locations and adventure. Experiences that are enabled through Nezasa’s technology.

Our Management-Team


Manuel Hilty

Manuel is in charge of transforming the Nezasa vision into reality. He developed the very first prototype and is now Nezasa’s CEO in charge of coordinating all our actions and ensures that we always stay focused on our goals. True story: Manuel is a better sailor than fisher. After numerous sailing trips, he’s still waiting to catch his first fish.


Patrick Hammer

Patrick oversees Nezasa’s interface for our customers and spreads the word about Nezasa into all corners of the world. He listens to your feedback and closely works with our engineers to offer you the best possible user experience. True story: Patrick’s first-ever trip to New York City - apart from the usual cool NYC attractions - included living with rats in one apartment, mice in another, surviving a hurricane and enduring an earthquake.


Andreas Fürer

Andreas is a technical wizard and Nezasa’s lead engineer. He helps us to maintain our speedy pace of innovation and to keep nezasa.com reliable and stable at the same time. True story: Just like the local Vietnamese people, Andreas loves to sell old guidebooks to other tourists in the crowded streets of the old town of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our Partners

Company information


Nezasa Ltd
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Switzerland: +41 44 500 34 00

Legal Information

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Privacy Policy

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