A Passionate Search for
the Ultimate Travel Booking Experience

In December 2011, a rather frustrated traveler wrote a memo to describe his dream of how a new tool would enable him to plan and execute his future travels. The tool would be flexible, inspirational and visual; it would offer much more than the bland beach resort online offerings available at the time. Just months later, a chance meeting with a team of enthusiastic and like-minded travelers (with some solid IT skills!) led to a pact of building on their collective dreams and developing a company that would shed the limitations of traditional travel while embracing the possibilities still untapped in online travel.

The formal company was born in July 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland and a promise was made between them to make future travel experiences more flexible, convenient and affordable regardless of the complexity. Soon, the founding team was joined by some more passionate travelers and together they are continuing to strive towards realizing this dream.

What’s Behind the Name?

Nezasa is a sub-species of Bamboo, a segmented grass that once fully grown is one of the strongest and most flexible materials on earth.

The name Nezasa was chosen as it represents our core offering; components pulled together into strong cohesive products. In addition, bamboo evokes images of exotic locations and adventure, which are reflective of Nezasa’s aim to provide clients with unique experiences beyond the normal confines of pre-planned travel.

Get to know our passionate team!

Manuel Hilty

Manuel is in charge of transforming the Nezasa vision into reality. He developed the very first prototype and is now Nezasa’s CEO in charge of coordinating all our actions and ensures that we always stay focused on our goals. True story: Manuel is a better sailor than fisher. After numerous sailing trips, he’s still waiting to catch his first fish.

Patrick Hammer

Patrick oversees Nezasa’s interface for our customers and spreads the word about Nezasa into all corners of the world. He listens to your feedback and closely works with our engineers to offer you the best possible user experience. True story: Patrick’s first-ever trip to New York City - apart from the usual cool NYC attractions - included living with rats in one apartment, mice in another, surviving a hurricane and enduring an earthquake.

Andreas Fürer

Andreas is a technical wizard and Nezasa’s lead engineer. He helps us to maintain our speedy pace of innovation and to keep nezasa.com reliable and stable at the same time. True story: Just like the local Vietnamese people, Andreas loves to sell old guidebooks to other tourists in the crowded streets of the old town of Hanoi, Vietnam.

Product Development
Isabella Minzly

Isabella not only shares her rich travel experience with our customers by advising them, but also works closely with our local tour operators to make our offerings on nezasa.com even greater. True story: Isabella would love to define herself a true globetrotter, but actually mostly travels around the Eternal City on a typical Roman scooter. Can be seen having prosecco on Campo dei Fiori, her all time favourite piazza.

Content Management
Kim Danaci

As our content manager, Kim works closely with our suppliers to make sure that all offerings are described correctly and that they are presented in an inspiring way. True story: Kim speaks fluent Creole, even though she can only use it in one precious place in the world, her second home country, the Seychelles Islands.

UI Engineering
Kondrat Shmoylov

Kondrat is responsible for UI engineering at Nezasa. He is making sure all those lines of code are transferred into a great looking platform. True story: He comes by bike to work every day (40 minutes one-way), bad weather conditions don't exist for Kondrat.

UX & UI Development
Petr Koukal

Pete is Nezasa’s resident user interface builder. He makes sure that the site always looks as good as our designers have envisioned it and that is it always smooth and a pleasure to use. True story: Pete’s a crazy downhill biker. The muddier or steeper, the merrier!

Reto Hablützel

Reto works on the backend of Nezasa. In that, he makes sure the predominantly invisible parts of the platform are running smoothly. True story: He can't get up early enough to start another day with a cup of freshly roasted black coffee.

Derk Van Mourik

Derk works mostly under the hood of the Nezasa platform, keeping the engine running and fitting it with exciting new parts. True story: Derk has performed in international award winning amateur theatre productions, and once briefly dabbled in magazine publishing.

Fortunato Peña

Tito is a full-stack engineer who loves the really tough implementation challenges. He's got lots of experience in building enterprise-grade software systems and somehow manages to tackle any problem in the code we throw at him.

Alvaro Fussen

Alvi is one of our full-stack engineers. He's built small to enterprise-scale IT projects for many years, both as software developer and as lead IT architect. Alvi adds a lot of experience to our team.

Christoph Bäni

Christoph, former CTO of Doodle and now our expert when it comes to connect any kind of CRS to the Nezasa platform. Thanks to his experience, our platform will soon be able to import from and export to all popular CRS.

Business Development
Jürg Thalmann

Jürg's main mission is to make new partnerships successful from the beginning and supporting our existing partners whenever needed. True story: Even though he has years of working experience in the airline industry, Jürg favorites travelling by bike, train, van - no place is too far or difficult to reach with a overland trip!

Technial Account Manager
Jasmin Forster

With a background in travel and IT industry, Jasmin is our Technical Account Manager. She’s the connection between our partners and our tech guys. Jasmin supports our partners and isn't afraid to put her hands on for technical issues when needed. True story: hungry for adventures, she loves to pack her backpack and hit the road, sings Karaoke someway or another and enjoys the sounds of nature.

Marco Talento

Marco is a Software Engineer that believes software must be simple, intuitive and reliable. True Story: In his free time he likes to cook 0′s and 1′s and create excellent and unique recipes, always using some special spices.

João Ferreira

João is a software developer with interests in functional programming and distributed systems. True story: In his spare time he likes to enjoy sunny Lisbon and ride his Indian scooter.

How Do We Do It?

Nezasa is a SaaS model, or cloud-based distribution platform provided “as a service.” It’s easy to integrate Nezasa into your existing website (e.g. WordPress), with possibilities to import data from existing systems into Nezasa.

Frame Website

You first need a “frame website” with static pages such as a front page, destination information and “about us” etc.


The Nezasa application will be integrated into this website and deliver the travel suggestions, the itinerary planner and the booking process.


The Nezasa expert team assists its customers and fully supports every necessary step in the project. So don’t worry; we’ll be there for you!

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