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The right offer at the right time

TripBooster puts the customer at the centre of the product to influence their behaviour. Before and during their trip. Increase your touch points with your customers and unlock your revenue potential by staying connected with your customers throughout their entire journey. By using TripBooster by Nezasa you are provided with the ability to send information and offers tailored and specific to your customers to improve their travel experiences. By consuming their travel plans in advance, we know where they will be and when. Using our sophisticated and intuitive mobile application we can help to ensure engagement and conversion to further strengthen the relationship you have with your customers.

Don't lose out on in-destination business

  • Preparation phase.

    Customer engagement before they travel

    Before your customers depart they will receive additional information relevant for their trip together with additional products and offers specifically designed to enhance their trip. These offers will fit seamlessly into their current itineraries and are bookable in an easy and intuitive way.
  • Travel phase.

    Customer engagement when they travel

    During their trip, TripBooster by Nezasa delivers AI powered customised offers that perfectly into their plans. We are able to take into consideration environmental factors like the weather or more localised factors like festivals to ensure that they will always have an alternative when they need it most. The benefit to you: increased revenue!

TripBoosters functionalities

  • Automated

    TripBooster is a fully automated tool. Using sophisticated machine learning and up-to-date information, even the most complex traveller preferences can be met.
  • Seamless

    By providing several configurations together with your branding and the customers itinerary already in our system, TripBooster appears to be an extension of your product offering. It functions independent of TripBuilder.
  • Mobile

    TripBooster by Nezasa is optimised for mobile engagement. Links can be sent via multiple messaging platforms like SMS and WhatsApp.

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