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More Sales - Less Effort

Intuitive planning and booking, hyper-personalised with availability, pricing and transactions in real-time: Increase your ability to deliver more to your customers. TripBuilder by Nezasa allows you to make immediate changes to beautifully designed itineraries according to your customers requirements. Convert your visitors into customers by redefining your booking process into a few simple steps, enabling them to create their hyper-personalised trips within a few minutes!
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Smart Features

  • Inspirational

    Quickly and easily create inspirational travel itineraries.

    By combining global destination content with all of the major travel components; flights, hotels, transfers, rental cars, activities and insurance, you can attract more visitors to your site, increase their engagement and simplify the creation and booking process. You become a fundamental part of the inspirational process of creating a holiday - converting lookers into bookers.
  • Personalised

    Unique itineraries in a few simple steps.

    Combine each of the trip components with real time pricing and availability. Our entire platform is supported by a highly sophisticated tool, validating each change that is made. By ensuring that all components are available and bookable, the underlying logistic complexity of creating a trip is taken care of. The ability to not only create but deliver the hyper-personalised itinerary ensures there are more opportunities for you to attach additional products, enabling you to deliver more in one transaction.
  • Simplified

    Complex itineraries bookable in a single transaction.

    Not only is this all available online but TripBuilder can deliver offline savings too. You could expect to see a 90% reduction in Tour Agent and Operator manual intervention during the trip planning stages. Once created and booked, the customer will receive bespoke travel documentation setting out each of the components in the itinerary. In addition, this also provides handy details on what to consider before travelling, location information and insights into the chosen destinations. All of which can be customised by you.
  • Fast

    TripBuilder by Nezasa can be set-up and running within a month (dependent on complexity and specific requirements), translating into significant reductions in your product development pipeline together with an almost immediate return on investment.
  • Secure

    Fast results, more revenue and reduced costs aren’t the only important things. Our priority is security. To ensure you the utmost security, your content is hosted in a safe, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS), delivering all of your performance, data security and privacy requirements.
  • Seamless

    Our standardized API’s create seamless integrations between TripBuilder and your existing B2C and B2B omnichannel platforms. We also integrate into your mid and back office systems, enabling you to retain consistent internal processes.
When planning sophisticated holidays composed of various components like roundtrips combined with city overnights and beach extensions as pre and post programmes, travellers have plenty possibilities to individualise their trip. They do it on their own in a comfortable, easy-to-use process at any time and from everywhere. On top of being self-sufficient during their planning, they can also book flights online at up-to-date prices.
Michael Tenzer, CEO Viamonda

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