Tour Operators

The Nezasa Difference

Nezasa revolutionizes the way you produce and sell tailor-made itineraries. Our omni-channel capable platform allows you to interactively offer your products and expertise to both retailers and online customers. The automation of tedious processes boosts your efficiency and enables you to focus more on advising your clients.

Your Benefits

Access to High-Quality Content

Get direct access to content from handpicked, high-quality Inbound Tour Operators (DMCs). You can start to buy from many more resources and partners than ever before. And you can do this in a safe and efficient environment, increasing transparency and productivity.

Powerful Itinerary Customization Tools

Did you know? The average tour operator invests as much as 3 hours per itinerary creation. If you then consider that probably only about 25% of these itineraries finally convert into a booking, that's a lot of investment without much return. Nezasa aims to significantly increase your ROI!

Online Itinerary Viewer for Your Website

Are you a destination or theme expert with a wonderful, unique product offering? Imagine what it would be like to distribute directly to end-consumers online! Your customers will be able to book directly from your website. Even cooler, you could also start to sell via our marketplace of on- and offline distribution partners!

Mobile App & Generation of Travel Documents

With a simple click, you can generate travel documents with your company logo. You can also provide your clients with a smartphone app containing their schedule, offline maps, and travel guides so that they have all information at hand while traveling.